January 23, 2018

Your SLOW, Super-Efficient Guide to A Better Body

Happy New Year!  You’re probably wondering, “Why would anyone want a slow guide to weight loss”?  In my experience I’ve learned slower is better.  Every time I’ve tried to lose weight on a quick time schedule, I’ve gained it back shortly thereafter or have gotten discouraged with my results.  I am so sick and tired of the, “transform your body in 21 days, 6 weeks, 90 days, or lose up to 2 pounds a week eating this/taking this” gimmicks!  Some of them do work but let’s face it…most of us are not going to count calories, points, or take diet pills for the rest of our lives.  Nor are we going to go cold turkey and cut out all sweets, sugars, caffeine, pastas, breads, and fast foods to become full-fledged vegetarians or vegans.  But we can take the best of the good stuff and transition at a slower pace.

Well this year is my year, and I’m doing it without a gimmick!  Instead of giving myself a hard and fast goal, I’ve decided to stop using methods I know are not going to be lifelong habits.  One personal trainer gave me the best and most reasonable goal that almost anyone can achieve….aim to add a pound of muscle a month.  One cheat meal a week is also okay as long as you eat relatively healthy the rest of the week. My goal is to add 15 pounds of muscle.  I started in August.  So by the end of 2012, I should have accomplished my goal.

I believe adding muscle at a realistic pace will yield longer-lasting results.  Since muscle burns calories even when not working out, I know my weight will take care of itself.   With the timeline gone I can focus on developing a healthy diet.  My desire to eat shrimp scampi, chicken fettuccini alfredo and garlic bread can be quenched as my cheat meal.  Since I’m not tracking my calories or points, I no longer get discouraged if I have a few slip ups.

If you are obese or haven’t worked out in a while, you should check with your doctor before starting an exercise or diet regime.  If you’re good and ready to rock, here are my 5 tips for your slow, super-efficient guide to a better you!

  1. Change your eating habits first.  Changing your eating habits and working out at the same time will make you miserable.  As you deprive your body of junk, you’re going to crash.  Putting your body though the stress of exercise and junk food deprivation is a lot to handle at once.  You are likely to stop working out and go back to eating crap because you are miserable.  Start eating healthier at least 21 days before you start working out.  WATER IS YOUR FRIEND!!!
  2. Work out every other day.  Cardio twice a week and lift weights twice a week.  You should be sore and the day off will help your body heal.  A day’s rest is all you need.  Do not confuse fatigue with a weak will, or pain for soreness.  Inability to push through the soreness will cause you to quit.  That is the biggest mental hump to get over…know that you are not tired.  You are just weak mentally and you want to give up.  Stay at it!  Pushing through an injury is another thing…so listen to your body.  If you over extended something or strained something, stop lifting until the pain subsides.  If it is in the lower back or knee, see a doctor.  If you are already active or athletic, cardio should be done at least three times a week and weight training every other day.  Aim for five days a week.
  3. Change your workouts every six weeks.  Your body is smart and it adapts to repetition in about four weeks.  You should not be doing the same thing every time you go to the gym.  You need to introduce the body to something new.  After a six week period you can increase your workout days and combine lifting and cardio on the same day.
  4. Increase your weights, your intensity and your reps every six weeks.  If you want to increase strength, increase your weights.  If you want to increase muscle tone, increase your repetitions.  If you want to burn more calories, start and end with 15 minutes of cardio on your weight training days. Increase your cardio intensity on cardio days as well.  You should not be at the same pace you were six weeks ago.  If you do not increase your intensity, you will be doing nothing but maintaining your current fitness level.
  5. Revisit your diet after 3 months.  Have you eliminated fried foods?  Have you stopped eating canned foods?  Are you eating foods high in fiber and vitamins?  Are you avoiding foods high in saturated fat, processed sugar (anything ending in ‘rose’) and sodium?  If not, change your diet again.  Now that your body is used to working out, a change in diet won’t be as drastic.  Furthermore, working out is now a part of your day and you love going to the gym.  This next crash won’t get the best of you!

I started monitoring my progress in November and will post comparison pictures in February.  Wish me luck!


  1. My dear post author,,

    Many thanks for this article Kaneicia …. It so happens that today I just had been discussing with my friends about this subject and for the most part We all agree with the fact with what you are actually saying. I have already been preaching about this kind of matter a lot not too long ago together with my friends so with a little luck this will help us make my position.

    I would want to ask you a favor and that is that I would like you to enter into a bit more depth. Or perhaps you are able to point us to a few additional websites where we could get more information.

    One last thing, Have you read anything regarding MUFAs (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids). If so then would you please post an article about this?

    • @ ExFat Dude, I sure will. How about letting me know what in particular what you would like me to go in depth about. And I am well aware of the benefits of mono and poly fats…I can definitely add them to my next health post. Foods that are pretty high in them are morning star grillers prime (veggie burgers), olive oil, nuts, and avocados. I’ll definitely post about them next week…thanks for asking and stay tuned!

  2. I agree start off slow and work out at a pace that your comfortable with. We have to have patience and not look for the quick fix because when it comes down to if we don’t see immediate results we get discouraged and quit. We have to start off with the mind set and understanding that this is going to be a slow steady process with great results. ” Patients in perseverance may not win the race but you will finish”.

  3. I dont have an “issue” with my size or my weight. But this year I have just determined Im going all out in every area of my life. My career, my health, my faith, and my family. I have determined that in order to live my best life, and be successful in my endeavors I need to take better care of myself. I have started working out, and eating better. I have enrolled in grad school, and am working towards a promotion at work. I appreciate this article. It is right on time. I merely mentioned wanting to start eating better and people began coming out of the wood work with dieting tips! I was like whoooaa. I am a firm believer in the saying of my friend the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race! Thanks Kaneicia

  4. Carlito Brown says:

    Good Luck!

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