January 20, 2018

Who Really Lost The Debate: The American People

All the talk today has been about how Romney won last night’s debate. Obama wasn’t prepared. Romney was on the offense. Romney appeared likable and in tune with the needs of the American people. Obama didn’t challenge or fluster Romney. Obama wasn’t engaging and looked nervous. Obama spoke four minutes longer. Some of Romney’s talking points failed the facts checker. Blah blah, ho-hum.

I watched the pre-show, live debate and post commentary. My takeaway was that Obama didn’t lose, nor did Romney win. In fact, there were no wins or loses for either candidate. Heck, they chummed it up pretty well after the debate was over. The losers of last night’s debate were none other than you and me. We, the American people, are the ones left hanging in the balance. We lost by a landslide.

Why? Well because the thing most important on our minds is the state of the economy and jobs. No one bothered to answer the how questions. No one talked about the economic report that shows job growth has primarily been for lower wage service jobs paying $7-$13 bucks an hour. That kind of wage doesn’t pay utility bills, mortgage/rent, student loans, or other necessary expenses. Disposable income isn’t even an afterthought.

I felt like we were side tracked from our immediate concern with talks of alternative energy and hopes that these methods will stimulate our economy. We’ve been trying be become independent of foreign oil for decades by means of alternative energy. I’m sure the shift will create new job opportunities, but how long is it going to take? Are Americans going to qualify for those jobs? Will there be training programs or grants for those seeking degrees in those fields? Will these programs be free or expensive? How long will they take to complete? Will the employers of these new jobs seek to hire homegrown talent or will these jobs be open to the global market? If so, will we Americans receive preference over our global counterparts?

My biggest problem with last night’s debate was that no one answered the how on anything, or provided solutions/strategies to meet out most immediate need. Surprisingly, both seemed to agree on the primary issues. Education is important. Reviving the middle class is essential. Medicare is needed. In fact, the debate started off with both candidates in agreement so much moderator Jim Leher had to ask the difference between strategies after their first responses!

Honestly, both political parties have disappointed me since the 2000 debacle. I stay informed because I need to and vote because I have to. I will say this though, what is apparent, is that people need to be prepared to take care of themselves from the cradle to the grave. Education, investing, saving, budgeting and living a healthy lifestyle is going to be vital for mortality in this country, no matter who’s in office. All of which I’m totally fine with. I’m just hoping there’s a good, likeable, nice paying job for me to do it all with.




  1. MyJhune Morris says:

    The problem with society is that we expect to hear everything we want to hear to make us want to vote for either candidate in a debate. Truthfully a debate is mearly a microcosm of where each candidate stands and what way they will sway when it comes to what you belive in. I never thought this election would either show and prove Obama was the man, or if Mitt was the man. Rather I figured it would just highlight where they stood. True, they didn’t firmly stand on specific subjects, but I can say I liked how President Obama brought up and harped on the fact that education is how we will make our nation better. The issue I have with Romney and many of his elk is he is a typical baby boomer who is got his and pretty much is f everybody else. And I truthfully up until this year respected and liked MItt because I thought he was a moderate republican who stood for most of the stuff most of us hold true. In the end though, we’re left with Mitt punching and swinging, and President Obama mearly avoiding instead of jabbing back. Hopefully the next debate will be better, but until then you are absolutely right, none of the candidates said anything worth a damn, yet spewed a whole lot of jack.

  2. MyJhune Morris says:

    meant to say debate instead of election.

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