January 23, 2018

Fitness and Life Coaching: The Holistic Approach

Coaching one of my long jumpers on her landing technique

As a coach and personal trainer, I know the importance of holistic health.  Many ailments we suffer from stem directly from neglecting our minds, bodies, and spirits.  One of the things I learned when coaching high school sports (both boys and girls), is that the job is not limited to athletic skills training.  You realize that, you become a mentor, an expert, a confidant and an advisor.  When your athletes know they can come to you when they need more than athletic training that bond, advice, and support gives recharges their batteries so that they can perform better.

The mental and spiritual aspects in the game of life have a significant impact on your physical production.  The main culprits that hinder your production are lack of sleep, bad eating, little physical activity, toxic relationships, and dealing with emotional, spiritual, social, financial or work-related stress. People of all ages, shapes and sizes cannot perform optimally when their mental, emotional and spiritual lives are in conflict.  This imbalance hinders physical production and will rear its ugly head at work, at home, and in your social life if not properly addressed.

The best skill sets I’ve acquired over they years are listening and understanding. When you take the time to listen to people, you can identify the root of a problem, and devise a plan to solve it.  It is after I’ve identified the root cause that I can apply my 5 phase contentment continuum.  My coaching model is so robust that the elements themselves include identifiers and self assessments of their own!  Each element is design to support the physical self, by balancing the mind and spirit.  Once the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, one can truly be their best in all they do!