January 23, 2018


Compassionate? Check. Athletic? Check. Competitive? Check. Confident?  Not so much!

Growing up as a tall, thin kid was challenging for me.  I grew up in an environment where being “bony” made you a target for bullying, and being tall made you automatic competition to the boys.  Furthermore, money was scarce, so buying clothes that complimented my vertically blessed body wasn’t always in the cards!  So what did I do?  Try to beat the boys at everything!

I quickly discovered not only did I like winning at sports, but  I also liked looking in the mirror!  I secretly wanted to be admired in a feminine way but because I topped off at 6′ 1/2″ft at 14 years old, cute “girl clothes” were a scarcity.  So my mom and grandparents would buy small men’s clothes and convince me I looked fine. But I didn’t feel that way.  In fact, it made me very insecure about myself and my place in the world.

Being insecure about how you perceive yourself can take a toll on your confidence.   It took me years to realize that part of the reason why I never fully put my efforts into certain goals was because I didn’t believe I was good enough.  So I gravitated towards things that came easily and that were popular, and shied away from things I really liked but would require me to put in more effort.  I loved writing poetry, short stories, reading fiction novels and putting on my grandmother’s wigs and makeup to make myself gorgeous!  Instead of trying to be homecoming or prom queen, I was trying to be the first woman in the NBA.  Instead of taking home economics where I could learn to sew and cook, I took computer aided drafting.  And guess what I did when it was time to go to college?  Instead of focusing on school, I lost my way and entered the working world at 19.  I was doing what everyone else was doing, which put me at war with myself for all my early adult hood.

I could write a book about the wrong turns, detours and retreats I took in life.  And one day I will!  But for now, I want to share where I am presently.  I’m finally free from doing what people think I should do, or what I think I should do.  I am in the best state of mind in my life!  I have the knowledge, ambition, and most of all CONFIDENCE in myself that I can make my dreams come true.  Even better, I get to share with people in the process!

I know I’m not the only person who was or is presently hindered by insecurities, or the “what do I want to do for a living” dilemma.  After being laid off from corporate America in 2010, I did some soul searching.  I was ready for change.  I no longer wanted to work for anyone else.  I wanted a career doing things I was passionate about.  I started with the end in mind, or better phrased, creating solutions to problems that not only benefited me, but others as well.  In 2012 I took my passion for fitness and created Synergized Coaching, LLC, a multifaceted training business that allows me to help others achieve their fitness and health goals.  I’m also working on a book proposal that address common problems (i.e. what to be when I grow up, or what would I be if I wasn’t afraid) using escapism and adventurism, as well as matriculating at a local community college to create clothing with a special population in mind.  You guessed it…tall people!

You know what?  I ran from the idea of being an author because I don’t think I could do it.  I shunned the idea of being a fashion designer because I thought I was too tom-boyish to do it.  But I had to stop telling myself I couldn’t do what was in my heart when I had accomplished so many other things!  I have over 15 years of professional experience in administration, marketing, communications, journalism and public speaking.  I have an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources and Educational Management.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise and Weight Loss Specialist for the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I am also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and test administrator.  So why not a fashion designer?!  Why not an author?!

I truly believe every road block, detour, retreat or wrong turn was for the right reason.  It was during those times I was reminded that I wasn’t really fulfilled anyway! Once things started to come full circle for me, it was a no-brainer.  Now that I have the confidence, I can commit!  Now that’s growth and maturation!

Whether it’s identifying with my writings, enjoying a garment I’ve made, or coaching for weight loss or/health goals, I intend to give you (my potential customer or partner) my very best. If you are here to read, every piece of communication will be professional with a personal touch.  If you are here to shop for clothing, every garment made will be constructed with consideration of your body type.  If you seek training or consultation, every session will leave you with better understanding of your mind/body/spirit than the session before.

I am more than just a service provider and merchant.  I’ll close by paraphrasing the words of my old pastor.  If I work on myself to better myself, I can help others.  And as I continue to fine-tune me, I hope to be a blessing to you!

All the best,

-Kaneicia M. Brown