January 23, 2018


Welcome to kaneiciabrown.com!  You have been redirected here while synergizedcoaching.com is under construction.  Soon, my book and my clothing will have their own sites as well.  If you are interested in my writings or my designs, please click the links under the services menu to be directed to your desired destination.  If you are here for consultation or training, please read the information below to learn more about my services.

I consider myself a holistic coach who focuses on what I call the 5 Pillars of Peace that assist women being he best versions of themselves.  Why women?  Because it is women who, after taking care of everything and everyone else, that are spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and professionally spent!  If this is you, then it’s time to recharge, rebuild, and redirect your focus on you!  I created Synergized Coaching, LLC to address the “peace pillars” of a woman’s life that sometimes become unstable.  If one falls it can create a domino effect on the other pillars.  Whether you are struggling with weight loss, insecurity, indecision, debt, or toxic relationships, Synergized Coaching can help!

I design personal development plans that formally detail how to identify, develop, and execute realistic goals.  I then coach/train you how to acquire the knowledge and skills sets needed to achieve your set goals.  I use a coaching philosophy because it presents a special dynamic.  Although I assist in the design and development of action planning, the execution and results of that plan are primarily contingent on the work you put in.  The key to achieving goals is to use my PEP and DCC rules.  These rules will empower you to execute your plan at your own pace, time, and financial capability.

Under this link you can find detailed information on other services I provide.  If you are interested in retaining me, please contact me so we can set up a free consultation via  telephone or  face-to-face.

I hope to partner with you soon!

-Kaneicia M. Brown